Saturday, April 07, 2007

Music Everywhere

I know that it is normal for a toddler to love music and dancing. But it is the sweetest thing to see your particular little person find music in life.

Matt and I took our little Man on a walk in our canyon last weekend. He of course takes after both of his parents and loves the outdoors, so he was enjoying looking at the trees, playing with sticks and generally being in awe of all the new things around him. We had paused for awhile to enjoy the day, when Jack started doing his interpretive dance in the middle of the path. Puzzled, we looked at each other, wondering what had prompted this display. After listening for a few seconds, we came to the conclusion that he was dancing to the sound of the water rushing by in the creek bed several hundred feet away through the trees.

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joann renee said...

They say that the heavenly voices are like the sound of many rushing waters. Oh Jack! I certainly would have joined him in his interpretive celebration of God's creation.