Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Miserable Days

Our normally happy and un-complaining toddler has a cold. Not feeling well, the slightest things bring tears to his eyes. The following break-down was the result of the most gentle nose-wipe ever to happen on the face of the earth:

The brightest spot in his otherwise miserable day- I let him wear his cowboy boots, even though they are 3 sizes too large and make him walk funny.

He lost a boot a few times climbing around on the furniture, and came to me crying to put it back on. This sweet new obsession started with a short experience wearing his cousin's cowgirl boots while visiting at his Grandma Twist's house.

He later added his favorite Carhartt stocking hat to make his ensemble complete.

Even with his favorite clothes on, and favorite re-discovered puzzle pieces in hand, it still took a round of his new favorite song, "The Music Machine" (circa the 1970's!) to bring out the smile.


Dena said...

poor baby! he looks so cute with his boots on; I noticed them right away. I empathize with his pain; I'm feeling sicky today, too! Good thing he has a nice mommy as you to make him smile.

Marie said...

my poor little boy! I hope he's feeling better.
I love the way the 2nd and 3rd pictures go together. No wonder he was crying!!
Hugs to all of you!