Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have always heard it said that young toddlers are unable to decipher between reality and imitation, such as anything they might see during "screen time". For example, there is a commercial in which a sweaty man in a gym appears to be speaking directly to the person watching and even reaches out to share his headphones with you. Jack DOES NOT LIKE HIM! He apparently thinks that the man is talking to him, and he comes to me each time for comforting.

I didn't realize just how confused Jack was about screen "reality" until we were watching a slide show on the computer of photos from the last few months. When we got to this photo:

He studied it for a few seconds, made a tractor noise, then walked over to the French doors to see Daddy on the tractor. Only there was no Daddy outside and no tractor either. This was a bit upsetting to him, and required an immediate Mommy emergency diversion tactic.


Joann Renee said...

Oh Jack! How I feel your pain! There is a certain picture of me with olives on my fingers and every time I see it I excitedly bite my left index finger only to be sharply brought back to reality by my teeth and the sadness that ensues the very truth that no olives are to be had anywhere on my entire person!

Marie said...

I was going to leave a comment, but after reading Joann's, I can't even think to come up with anything so witty and fun!

But thank you, Beth for sharing little 'snippets' of life with Jack. I love reading your vignettes.