Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling Dry/Hot/Dusty?

Tired of watering your garden?

Humidity got you all worn out?

Come to Oregon, where the rain loves to dwell, and the grey, gloomy skies linger long.

You'll never have to water your garden for fear it will wash right off the face of the earth,

and although you will still find plenty of humidity, it won't be the kind that makes you want to go naked.

Here, even the Poppies are smart enough to keep their hats on.

The Lambsear regularly wear diamond tiaras in defiance of the gloom,

and the people have webbed toes (sorry, not going to show THAT photo).


April Mechelle said...

I did a post about leaving Hot Alabama and going to Seattle yesterday. It has been hot and humid here. Pictures look great !!!

Berit said...

I love that Poppy! I'd love some poppies in a windowbox on my balcony! :D

Thanks for sharing! :D

Alice said...

Lol, come check out the flooding and humidity in France!
PS. Clever poppies you have.