Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If Etsy Was My Closet

This is what I would be wearing today:

Mohair Shrug by reflectionsbyds
Raw Silk Flare Pants by kalilalove
Equinox Flat by HydraHeart
Carved Bone Bird Necklace by FrenchSentiments

And I would be drinking endless amounts of piping hot Cafe Rojas out of this mug by SimplyDaisy:

And I am!... Well... (ahem), actually... I sadly don't own one single piece of the outfit, and endless mugs of Rojas would make me as jittery as a jackhammer, but at least the Mug is really and truly mine...

Its the little things, you know.

1 comment:

Berit said...

Beth, these are great! I'd gladly wear any of them, too--especially the flats! I don't think I could really go with the necklace, though. :/

Thanks for sharing! :D