Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thats me...

Yesterday I was a cake decorator.

The day before I was the Girl with the Pressure Washer.

Washing away a few years worth of weathering and grime so that the deck will be wedding ready.

Today I am a Grocery-Shopping Gardener.

Tomorrow I'll be something entirely different.

No, really... tomorrow I am going to get my hair professionally cut for the first time in 5 years (can't decide if I'm embarrassed to admit it or not). I really and truly WILL be something different by the time I get home... I will be styled.

Here is the hair collage I am taking with me to show the new-to-me stylist...

This is a huge step for me, trusting my unruly locks to a stranger, but she comes highly recommended by a friend with perhaps even higher standards of hair care. So the two of us are making a day of it. Matt has taken time off to watch the kids and I am committing to a possibly life-altering encounter with a pair of shears.

I'll be back Thursday with pictures of the new me... and although I am positive that I won't look nearly as glamorous as the women in my collage, I am hopeful that I will at least be pulled from the depths of Mommy-hair mode and still have a smile on my face.


Dora said...

A new hairdo sounds exciting! If you are taking votes, I vote for the style with the pink background or something similar to that.
Looking forward to seeing the new you on Thursday.

dixiesamplardesigns said...

What gorgeous wedding cakes you make...bet they are delicous as well!

Good luck with the haircut adventure...

The Boyds said...

I like it! You look so refreshed! Now we need to go for pedicures!