Monday, July 26, 2010

Cake... Again

After I posted about the last wedding cake I decorated, a friend, who saw the post called to see if I could also do her daughter's wedding.

Not one to easily say no to people I like, and having a pleasant cake experience fresh on my mind (and also being a bit of a sucker for punishment, because anyone would be crazy to actually love the stress of creating such a centerpiece on such a special day!), I said yes.

Despite the quickly approaching date of my baby sister's wedding, which will be in our backyard, and despite the heat of a Summer finally arrived, I spent many hours last week in the kitchen, baking.

And yesterday was the marathon day, the sticky sweet smell of frosting wafting about in my kitchen (blown about by my kitchen fan, is more like it!).

I had an interesting time of it, setting the cake up in a much more prominent place than I'm used to, with all of the wedding guests already in attendance, and it felt like every single one of them was watching my every move.

In reality, they were watching the gorgeous bride (Maria, you were glowing!) as she moved about, and I was just a side note, I am sure.

At the end, I was happy yet again with the final product and got myself out of there before I had to see it being chopped up and eaten!

Who am I kidding? I picture almost every cake I ever decorated (a few I would have gladly chopped up myself!) still sitting there, a treat to behold, frozen in time, never to be destroyed. Don't anyone tell me otherwise.

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