Thursday, September 09, 2010

Into the Woods

Recently, our Trail Cam was positioned by the Beaver Pond, in hopes of catching one of the Family in Residence on film.

We got a bajillion pictures of these female Wood Ducks :

A Great Blue Heron:

And only 3 measly pictures of this guy:

So back to the Wooded Trails the camera went, and snapped a teensy little mouse:

A leaping rabbit:

A Bobcat:

A few Coyotes:

Countless Blacktail Deer:

And proof, at last, that Bigfoot does indeed exist:


Jacque said...

loved the last shot and comment.

heather said...

Your trail camera is so cool! Love to see the wildlife around your place.

Dora said...

Nature provides entertainment for us! I loved seeing everything, my favorites are the mouse and bobcat.

Catherine said...

How awesome is that camera!! I'm still amazed that you caught bigfoot on camera :)