Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New York Style

Having never been to the Big Apple to eat the real thing, I have no idea just how authentic this pizza really is, but in my uneducated opinion, we have some decidedly yummy, spicy, garlicky goodness in our little town.

We usually grab and go.

But yesterday was unseasonably warm and humid, so the picnic table outside looked very inviting.

To the nice PGE lady who stopped and smiled at my kids and asked what on earth I was eating, then went and bought one for herself, I am so very sorry that you are now hooked on what are most likely the most greasy, garlicky, chewy, thigh-enlarging, and delicious breadsticks in the world.

I would avoid them at all cost if I could, but Sparky's just happens to be 2 doors down from the UPS Store, where I go at least once a week to do the bulk of my pattern chart copying (and the kids watch hopefully for a UPS Man sighting).

It is awfully hard to resist when the very air smells like garlic.


Gregg said...

While we would prefer Flying Pie in Gresham or Portland, Sparky's is our family's choice for pizza in Sandy.

Catherine said...

I love garlic and that breadstick looks divine!