Monday, September 20, 2010


Good morning all! I am sitting here, finally finished with all of the preparations for the TNNA show this coming weekend.

Taking peeks at the Autumn colors outside.

Enjoying my coffee immensely.

Thinking about catching up on housework.

I have folded and mailed hundreds of charts, a handful of models, and I am happy for a break. One could go a little crazy after folding so many charts all alone.

I did get some help from my Dearest one evening, then the next morning discovered that every single chart that he had so lovingly stuffed into sleeves had been affixed (by me) with the wrong photograph.


I then spent well over an hour *oh*so*carefully* loosening the errant photos with a knife and then re-gluing and re-stuffing with the correct ones.

Lost time hurts.

But the thing that is killing me the most this morning is way more superficial.

I spent so much money in printing and shipping charges last week that I could have purchased a pair and a half of the boots I am coveting.

A pair and a half.

I sure hope my designs are well received. A little extra Christmas money in my pocket for my kids would help me not feel so bad about the boots.


Catherine said...

Lost time is never fun - but on the bright side, at least you caught the mistake before sending them out!

Oh -- those boots!! They are awesome! Maybe Santa will notice how good you've been this year!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh wow, Beth - How funny!! I have also been coveting these boots!!! but in black (I have a similar pair of brown Skechers). Seriously.

Sorry about the lost time on your chart stuffing. :( Never fun to lose time.