Thursday, September 02, 2010


I'm making a batch of these:

and some of this:

while working through piles of this:

What are you up to?


Julie said...

Beth, you have come so far since you started designing and blogging, and your little ones are just as cute if not cuter than when I first lay eyes on them. Time just flies, doesn't it? It's wonderful to see that everything is great for you and Matt, and I see your sister got married. Congrats to her and your family!

I haven't been blogging since December so it's nice to see you again...and your little Twist family! Glad to be back.

Marie said...

You're so industrious!! I didn't get much done here -- worked at DQ this AM, then babysat the Shirelings until 8:00 PM.... Oh, but I did bake some zucchini bread. Yummy!

Shana said...

Are those bread and buttter's? What is your recipe if you don't mind sharing. I will be making pickles myself this weekend and I would like to do bread and butter's but I never have before and do not have a recipe for them.