Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did You Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day?

We sure did...

The old fashioned way... wheat bread and Tillamook cheddar cheese... yum.

These folks have some interesting takes on the classic sandwich... is your mouth watering?

Three cheers for the woman who first placed a slab of cheese on bread, slathered it with butter, and cooked it in her frying pan!


joann renee said...

I didn't know it was national grilled cheese, or I most certainly would have celebrated it. I want to try the brie cheese one. And I love grilled cheese on sour dour. It's also really good with Norwegian goat cheese (unless, of course, you don't like Norwegian goat cheese).

Alice said...

Ok, now I'm craving one! Goat cheese and sourdough!!! oh my.