Thursday, April 07, 2011

Snow for Breakfast

I was so excited when I looked out my window this morning and saw this:

It has been so dry around here lately that we really needed this extra dose of cold and wet.

Really needed it, I say.

The water table is so low right now in our area that the ground is just going to soak this snow up like a sponge.

And since I hate Spring flowers and singing Birds so much, this weather is just perfect for me.

Who needs nice weather in April when they can have snow for breakfast?

For those who are a bit confused, yes, there is indeed large quantities of sarcasm inserted in between every word of this post.


Joy said...

Love the photos...and appreciate the

Vicki said...

The photos are beautiful. I really appreciate seeing pictures of snow, but I never have the desire to be in it. Fortunately in Phoenix, that's never an issue!

Tanya said...

Great pictures but hey, it IS April, right? lol Enjoy - snow is beautiful but I adore your flower pics too. Hope spring comes to stay there soon.


Catherine said...

Too funny....not the snow, the sarcasm!

~ Janis said...

Pour some maple syrup on that snow!!!

Deb said...

And I was complaining about the fog and dark day today in Libertyville? I think we should pack up the dogs and move to Sandy, the weather looks beautiful! Beth, haven't you packed those winter clothes of the kids away yet! Shame on you!!!