Monday, August 22, 2011

Ah, Summer

Last night, for dinner, we ate eggs from our chickens, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and broccoli from our garden, applesauce that I made last season, and toast.

That means 90% of our meal came fresh from our own property.

That felt really amazing.

Then, for dessert, these two Dear Ones were excited to eat popsicles!

And what kind of popsicles were they?

Grape. Frozen grape juice made last year from our very own crop.

And that is why we choose to live so far away from the convenience of restaurants and well-stocked markets. For a few brief months each Summer, we can live off of the land. A choice that I hope will have lasting benefits in my children's bones, muscles, skin, and hearts.


Jeanne said...

thats really wonderful, its such a great feeling, isn't it? Love the pics of your kids...they've gotten so big.

Mouse said...

ooooo well done .. we have eggs from our chickens and veg from our allotment too but don't get enough grapes to make popsicles :( love mouse xxxxx

Peggy Lee said...

Sounds heavenly!

Looks yummy too! :o)

debbie said...

Ok, it's not the eggs, fruit and vegetables, it is because you can run around topless living out in the boonies! I know, my favorite thing is to skinny dip and not worry about who sees me! love:)

joann renee said...

Matt & I are jealous.

Colleen said...

I love it when that happens!