Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Girl, Big World

A few recent funnies that came from our little Sweetheart's mouth...

To her brother:
"Don't do dat! Dat makes me fwus-ta-tated!"

From the bathroom:
"Oh, for Pekes Sake! Da wetters are all at da fwont!"
"Oh, for Pete's Sake! My panties are on backwards!"

After choking on her beverage:
"Dat Woot Beer made me cough down in my wumps!"
"That Root Beer went down in my lungs and made me cough!"


The Green Family said...

Haha! Love these! Especially love that pic. Beautiful!!

Debbie said...

Beth, this picture of Katie is pricless. To me she looks like she is in her own little world, the dancing flower fairy. Or, a dancing flower rock star!!!!! Do not make to much todo of your tattoo, you never know what they will come home with tattooed on there bodies! Maybe a little nymph!!!!! Love to all, Deb