Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I am not getting paid to advertise... promise, cross-my-heart.

I just discovered Dry Soda at a local grocery market and was so intrigued by the flavors and the concept that I had to give it a try.

It is light, refreshing, bubbly, and perfectly flavored. If you ever dreamed of drinking in the aroma of one of your lavender bushes, well then, go find a market near you that stocks this soda and give it a try.

The Vanilla Bean is also very good, and I am itching to try Rhubarb and Cucumber.


Donna said...

It sounds delicious. I just did a search to see if anyone in my area carries it and of course there isn't anyone that does. The cucumber sounds yummy so I wonder if I could take club soda and add cucumbers to it? I may just have to try.

Mouse said...

ooooo ... bet I can't get any of that over the pond *sigh love mouse xxx

Catherine said...

Very intriguing - I'll have to look for this!