Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Honest and true, I enjoy and embrace each season as it comes. I suppose some years I chafe more than others when a particular season seems to drag on too long.

January and February tend to bring out the grumps in local people... I hear them complaining more so now, than any other time... too much rain! too many clouds! when will it ever end?! Well, I say, if you can't handle Oregon winters, then move to Arizona already!
I like these months for the long sigh that they are. A breath of stillness. Time to prepare for the burst of growth that comes with Spring. Time to settle in and get a few things done that got pushed to the back-burner by the Holiday season.
This January was NOT a breath of stillness for me. Can I please have a do-over? Delayed Christmases, stomach flu, head colds, birthday celebrations scattered due to snow and power outages and puppies and... the loss of someone Dear to my heart.
I can't believe that February is already upon us. Just one more month before the Robins return and Crocuses push their sleepy heads from under the soil. I don't know if that will be enough time for me to catch my breathe.
Now don't go getting all confused by my flower photos... they are imported from a hothouse somewhere, a lovely token sent by a friend to cheer our home in the midst of sadness. They are the one bit of the vibrancy of Spring that I do enjoy in the midst of Winter.
They are also a good reminder to get my relaxing on, because the planting and digging season is coming soon.


Mouse said...

I always say once christmas has been its only two mins till my birthday (28th jan) and the wham things are on full steam ahead again .... love your flowers :) love mouse xxxx

Dana Baker said...

The fowers are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing some in my yard very soon!! Our crocus's are starting to come up here in WV, we have had the mildest winter here, 1/4 of an inch of snow in January. I will get to experience your Oregon winter next week, flying out to a wedding on Mount Hood. Maybe I can bring spring with me when I come! It was 65 and sunny here yesterday.

Jessica Hunt said...

What kind of camera do you have? All of your pictures are breathtaking. I could almost smell the flowers through my computer! :)

Kaisievic said...

What gorgeous photos - your skill with a camera is amazing.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

MoonBeam said...

Nice post.


Dani - tkdchick said...

I think what I need to do is get myself a lovely bunch of flowers to remind myself that winter will end and spring is around the corner.

Barb said...

What lovely flower pictures. I also live in the NW. I don't ever complain with all our beautiful evergreen trees!

Heather said...

I love the photos. Also, I was amused when I glanced the 'you might be interested links' and saw Beniah (from when he was born) sticking his tongue out. Ahh the weird things that make me chuckle!