Monday, February 06, 2012

Even the Mighty Fall

Do you remember my favorite tree? The one that I said our Beaver Family had been nibbling on?
That was November. We have been watching the winter winds blow and the snow pile on, and the rains fall. Each time the gusting winds passed through, you could find us standing at our window, watching it sway, knowing that it has been eaten within an inch of its life, waiting, hoping, to actually SEE it fall... and yet still it stood.

During the night, this past Thursday-into-Friday, the winds blew again, but this time out of the East. And that was all it took.
One glance out my window that morning, and my breathe caught.
The kids and I took an adventure that morning, to investigate.
You'd think they planned it out... every potential variance of weather and wind. Gnawed only from three sides, rather than all the way around.
It fell *exactly* across the creek, and just downstream from their dam.
Not too far from the tip of that other tree they felled.
For nearly 13 years, this tree has entertained me.
That is twice the length of time that the Cottonwood of my early years captivated my climbing and imaginary play.
Silly, I know, but I am sad to see it go. Soothed quite a lot, though, by the means of its demise.
Its a little like living in the pages of a National Geographic article.
Watching the change of the landscape under the teeth of a remarkable creature.
Captivating the attention of a new generation.


Vickie Niggemann said...


MoonBeam said...

Thanks for the nature lesson. I think I would be kind of sad fact I know it.


Thoeria said...

Beautiful photographs.

Jessica Hunt said...

I love the boots picture! If only Matt's boots were in there too!

marly said...

Smart little buggers.

Mouse said...

oooo isn't it fab though that they actually did that and knew which way it would fall etc .... and its fab you are there to watch it all and teach the wee ones .... love the boots photo :) love mouse xxxxxxx

Rebecca said...

Such amazing pictures. The bite marks on the tree are fasinating. I want to see how they are going to get it to the dam now. I can just imagine the little beavers rolling it along. Kind of reminds me of that Geico commercial of the woodchucks chucking the wood.
I do like the pic of the kids playing around the tree. Maybe you can still visit it and have picnic lunches by it making new favorite memories.