Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its Leap Day, Have You Caught Your Man?

Because I'm snowed in today and feel like celebrating an extra day on my calendar (Hooray for Leap Year!), if you enter the coupon code LEAPDAY when you check out in my etsy shop (today only!), you'll be given an extra 20% off. That means $10 patterns will be $8 and $12 patterns will be $9.60. Woot!

The legend goes that St. Bridget of Ireland was frustrated that all the non-nun ladies in 5th century Ireland had to sit around waiting for proposals that might never come. She complained about it to St. Patrick who, probably impressed by Bridget’s ability to turn her used bathwater into beer, finally proclaimed that women could have the chance to propose themselves once every four years on the leap day. This became known as “The Ladies’ Privilege.”
Maybe its because I've spent the majority of my life under a rock... I had never heard of this fabulous tradition. You can read all about it here, where I found all images and information.


Marie said...

That's funny, Beth! I didn't know about the 'tradition' either. I'd heard of Sadie Hawkins day though. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading the article.

Marie in Texas said...

I married mine on this day in 1988. It was his suggestion that we get married on February 29.

Mouse said...

hahahah can't believe you have never heard of this ??? well I caught my man but not in a leap year
love the cartoons you found :) love mouse xxxxx