Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines for Kindergarteners

Oh, the piles of candy and store-bought character-themed Valentines my son brought home in his decorated cereal box! I pretty much expected the volume of candy *sigh*. I am such a candy Nazi that we still have a pretty good assortment left, most pieces from Christmas time, but some dating back as far as last Easter.

There were a few very charming hand-made Valentines, but I am claiming the title of "Mom Who Had the Best Valentine Idea" (the yummy filled mini cupcakes just about trumped our contribution, I freely admit).

The home-printer and hand-colored (all by him, I promise) bits of paper say, "You brighten my day!"

And attached to the back? LED finger lights.
Yes, they were a favorite, although, realistically, I realize that the fruit snacks, dip-sticks, lollipops, and pin-badges were all greeted with almost as much enthusiasm.

But I am proud to say that our contribution was the only one that incited a lecture from the Teacher... "ATTENTION CLASS! Do NOT point your lights in each others' eyes! You can point them at the floor or at the ceiling or at the pages in your book, but DO NOT EVER POINT THEM AT EACH OTHERS' EYES!"

Class rabble-rouser... yep, that's me!


joann renee said...

You always amaze me, Bethy! I love these.

Dana Baker said...

What a cute idea!! This was the first year my daugther didn't exchange valentines at school, now that she is a middle schooler. The past few years her school didn't allow candy or sugery treats at the holiday parties. Only fruits, veggies and 100% fruit juice. Not even a cupcake!

SewAmy said...

Very cute idea! Much better then candy.

Marie said...

Nice Beth! Good for you! And fun for the kids too.

Resweater said...

Great idea! I am always trying to come up with good non candy ideas, and may have to borrow this one next year!

Kaisievic said...

Oh, I like this post - so funny!

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Kigwit said...

What a great idea. My sons love those little lights.