Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blueberry Dutch Baby

Its whats for dinner. Mmm hm.
These photos are from last week, but it was such a hit with the kids AND the Daddy that I'll be pulling it out again tonight.

We have had a blitz family weekend, and I am wiped out this morning. Can't imagine cooking anything for dinner any more involved than a few eggs, whisked together with milk and flour, and cooked in a generous amount of butter to make a plate of perfection. Add some blueberries, and it transcends good to become something truly stunning.

blitz  n.  \blits\
   1. a heavy aerial bombardment
   2. an intense campaign
   3. in football, a sudden charge upon the quarterback

Starting around 10 am Friday morning and not letting up until last night around 9 pm, we had gathering after gathering of Twist family members. Our celebration was in honor of the Farmboy's Aunt and Uncle, who were in town visiting for the first time since our 4 year old was about 3 months old.

I think I probably took about three thousand pictures over the course of the last few days, aided by a new lens that I am pretty excited about. But that's a story for another day. And the photos of the family weekend will have to wait until at least tomorrow (can you stand the suspense???).
Blueberry Dutch Baby

1/4 cup butter
1 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups white flour
3/4 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. nutmeg
8 eggs
blueberries, frozen or fresh

Put the big ol' piece of butter in the pan of your choice (I use my 12 inch cast iron skillet, but you could use a baking dish too). Place the dish in your oven and preheat to 425.

Whisk together the milk, flour, salt and nutmeg until it is as smooth as you can get it. Don't worry about a smattering of small lumps. Add the eggs and whisk until fully combined.

Once the oven is hot and the butter in the pan is completely melted, remove the pan, swirl the butter around to coat all surfaces. there will still be a generous amount of liquid gold in your pan. I suppose you could pour the extra out, but what would Julia say?

Add your blueberries to the bottom of the pan. I can't tell you how many berries I used. I have a ton of them frozen from last summer, and I dumped in enough to nearly cover the bottom of the pan.

Drizzle your egg batter over the blueberries. If you dump it all in the middle, it will push the berries to the outside edges and you'll have a giant berry-less void in the middle of your pan. But drizzle it carefully and methodically until you are finished and every single bite will burst with antioxidants flavor.

Pop your pan back in the oven and wait for 20-30 minutes, or until the center is cooked through. Serve with a drizzle of local honey or some powdered sugar and lemon juice. Oh yes!
P.S. Did anyone see the smile? I know. I just can't seem to escape them. Please tell me I'm not alone.


Jen said...

Found the smile but not until you mentioned it! By the way, haven't seen you for awhile...suppose we can come join you for supper??? :)

Marie said...

It looks yummy!! I'm going to have to make this too. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Terri said...

Oh this sounds SO yummy! I am going to try this one! Thanks for sharing!

MoonBeam said...

Wow, does that look good. Will have to give it a try. And I would not have seen the smile without your prompting...thanks for making me see! 8-)


marly said...

I've put them in crumbles and crisps and tarts and muffins and cakes and crepes and pies and dumplings. Now I'll be trying them with eggs in a pan!

Penny said...

Although I have never had the combo of eggs and blueberries, this sounds fantastic and I, too, will be trying out this recipe soon! TFS!!

joann renee said...

Funny...I've been on a Dutch Baby kick lately too. Although I use whole wheat flour and then up the milk a bit to thin it out. I aso put a smidge of lemon juice, vanilla & cinnamon in the batter. Mmm. Next time I'm adding berries too!

Heidi said...

This sounds sooooo good and I have lots of frozen blueberries still from last year's pickings so I am definitely going to make this for my husband this weekend!

Hugs from Holland ~