Thursday, May 17, 2012

Building Things

I've had my eye on play structure kits for a few years now.
Mister I-Can-Build-Anything-With-My-Bare-Hands was a mite skeptical about any set that came as a kit, and vowed that he would design and build it himself.
Then he started pricing out slides ala carte.
Holy Canoli, are they expensive all by themselves!
So, one day early this Spring, while on a family outing to Costco, we spotted a set on display, which the Farmboy was able to inspect for quality.
It passed muster, and so did the smoking sale price (only a puppy and a half!).
With me reading plans and gathering hardware while he did the muscle work, dodging rain showers and even one snow flurry, it took three weekends to finish.
The absolute delight that shone on our kids faces when they finally got to climb up and play was well worth the effort and expense.
Not to mention the hours of dedicated time the Mama and Daddy got to spend together working toward a common goal.
Don't you think we deserve a date night soon? I do.


joann renee said...

I love it! Such a perfect addition to your property. :)

Heather said...

Very nice. I especially like your puppy currency. :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Beautiful pictures

bisous de FRANCE

The Sampler Girl said...



gracie said...

What a great place for the kids...they look like they are ealy enjoying it!

Ellen said...

Oh this is fantastic! I bet the kids just love it and spend all summer out there.

Thoeria said...

Nothing like a play gym to get the kiddies excited :) I think you definitely deserve that date night!

Jessica Hunt said...

Those things ARE a lot of work to set up! I will personally come watch your kids so you can go on a date night! If only it was that simple! :) LOVE the puppy currency analogy! LOL!

Mouse said...

ohhhh that is wonderful for them .... wish I could have a go ;) and yes you do deserve a date for all that hard work :) love mouse xxxx
(if I could I would baby sit