Monday, May 21, 2012

Sampler Apron

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my friend Nora and her sewing skills. You may not have noticed, because I sort of sandwiched her in between a clip of me making it onto the local news and a picture of a fire in my new woodstove.

Nora is really, really good with a sewing machine. I mean really good. Not only can she sew, she also listens and interprets well. After a few sessions of helping her set up her etsy shop and talking with her about launching her online business, and complaining about the number of aprons in my closet that don't get used because there's one thing or another about them that I don't like... she went home with my ugliest (but most perfectly shaped) apron and some bits of fabric from my stash.

A few days later, she gave me this:
Thee most perfect apron ever, I tell you.
And double-sided even.
Perfect fabric (too bad both are now out of print, or else she would make one for you too),
perfect shape, perfectly long ties that can wrap around to the front if I so choose, and look at the detail she intuitively added just for me.
Little x's all around the edge? Oh yes, please!

If you have some favorite fabric in your stash and a favorite apron that you want knocked off, Nora is your woman. Tell her I sent you!

PS. The pan I'm holding is full of homemade hamburger buns, a revelation that you simply must try. I'll get around to posting the recipe soon, promise.

PSS. Windham Williamsburg Sampler and  Moda Blackbird Designs Beach House are the fabric lines. Both lines need to be resurrected, don't you think?


gracie said...

What a great apron....I think two sided idea is great.

Devon said...

That is so cute,,and it looks really good on you to..yes please post the recipe for the hamburger buns,,

Vickie said...

Awesome. Looks great. :)

Penny said...

Fantastic apron!! What a great job she did for you!
I am impressed with your homemade hamburger buns!! I bet they are delicious!

Diana said...

Great apron! Love the fabrics!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Very beautiful !

bisous de France

Marie said...

What a wonderful gift!! it looks good on you too. I love it!

Thoeria said...

That really is a lovely apron! And those buns look delicious!

marly said...

Great! Thanks for showing your lovely apron! I have BB sampler fabrics left but don't think they are long enough. I'll improvise, and use my heavy butcher apron as the backside. The Williamsburg fabric is the best choice though.

Jennifer said...

so gorgeous. I love this apron.

And you look great in this picture too. I love your hair!!