Friday, May 04, 2012

IKEA Pillow Re-do

Last weekend, after my first-ever adventure to the phenomenon that is IKEA, I found myself with two too-light and too-bright couch pillows. I loved the Jacobean-like embroidery covering the front, but the colors were just as bad in my living room as I expected them to be.
But that's okay, because I had a plan.

First, take the covers off of the down pillow forms, then soak them in some RIT color remover.

Finally, give them a bath in RIT tan dye, which mellowed them quite nicely.
Now lets pretend they were made from old hand-embroidered bed curtains, shall we?
For anyone who wants to try the same trick, here's a link to the same cushion on IKEA's website.


Marie said...

Nice, Beth! They look good.

Gayle said...

MUCH better! what a good idea! Did you remove the covers before dyeing?

Andrea said...

Gorgeous!! I have a little lampshade with that same pattern on it...haven't found the perfect base for it though, so it's sat in my craft closet for a long time.
I am always torn....Love the priitive, old, faded look, but the other half of me loves big and bold bright colors, lol! It's so frustrating sometimes, ha!

Andrea said...


Kathy Barrick said...

Wow Beth! Just looked at your weather for Sunday and Monday. I'm so happy you're finally getting some warm sunshine your way. Enjoy it!!!


MartyG said...

Wow that is a great idea. They look really nice. Marty

ine said...

I would never have thought of adjusting the colors like you did.

But what a great result!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh very beautiful whath name the design " stitching" ... ????
sory for my bad english

bisous bisous de FRANCE