Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Place to Call My Own

The room that used to look like this, and then later like this, now looks a little more like this:
Yes, my 4 year old still sleeps in her crib. Why not? Its cozy, still plenty big for her small body, and it easily contains the menagerie of stuffed friends that keep her company at night. But I digress.

The other upstairs room, which used to look like this:
Now looks like this:
Can you even stand how much better it is now? I can't. I keep going into my new office, my very own room, and fiddling with projects and tweaking the arrangements on my shelves, and generally being happy that I finally did it.
The bouquet of hydrangeas were at my wedding. I'm not usually one to decorate with dead flowers, but I just can't bring myself to throw these onto the compost pile. They were vibrant and fresh that day, and although their new-ness has faded, they have become more lovely with time. A good metaphor for our marriage.
I finally moved the kids into a room together (they love it, by the way), ignoring my un-founded fears that they would be sleep deprived and too crowded for comfort. I shared a smaller room with TWO siblings when I was that age, and it certainly didn't hurt me.
I do feel a little greedy, taking over an entire room for my office space, but it is my house, after all. Those little people are just borrowing space until they are grown up and ready to face the world. Might as well start teaching them to share and get along with each other first.
And having the space in which to be inspired and write and create and design and sew has been a very long time coming.

The other side of the room still needs some serious help. But for now I am content. No more setting the sewing machine up on my dining room table then putting everything away before dinner. Now it can stay plugged in and be at-the-ready continually.
And hopefully very soon, she will have a fancy printer as companion, and I won't have to make multiple trips to town each week to fill pattern orders.
This here is a little celebratory wallpaper for you to use if you like. Just click to enlarge, then right-click to save to your computer. For your personal use only, please.


Patti said...

It's perfect! I am so happy for you! (and a bit jealous ;) )
My husband is one of 7 children - the kids were in 2 small bedrooms - one for girls and one for boys. We have a house where our boys could each have their own room, but my husband insisted that they share. I am so glad that they do! When my oldest leaves for college in the fall, he will already be prepared for having a roommate!
Blessings, Patti

MoonBeam said...

Love all your fun, old or old looking decorations in your new space. Enjoy! re decorating with dead flowers - I have hydrangeas of all ages around my house. Sometimes I try to look around through the eyes of someone who wouldn't understand that...and you know what...I don't care what they think. Hydrangeas of all ages make me happy!


Ralee said...

Congratulations and blessings. Every woman needs a room of her own. But continue to treasure those children as I know you do. Soon, too soon, they'll be grown and away as mine are now and you'll have too many empty rooms from which to choose.

Colleen said...

It looks terrific, enjoy!

Jennie Lynn @ Appleseed Prim said...

You are so lucky! When you wrote about setting up the sewing machine at the DR table and having to clear it up before dinner I had to laugh. I do the same thing. Though I have to admit there have been a handful of nights I've had to resort to a picnic dinner on the LR floor because I just got too wrapped up in my sewing. The room looks lovely. Enjoy!

Jeana said...

It's beautiful! I love your new cabinet.

joann renee said...

Gorgeous! I love it, Bethy! Can't wait to come visit you this summer and bask in it's inspiration in person.

Teri said...

Love the look of your new work space!