Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day... and Puppies!

When I was a kid, Election Day was such a big deal to me, even though I wasn't old enough to vote yet. It seemed like everywhere we went, there were flags and banners and patriotic music and old ladies handing out cookies and lemonade.

Perhaps they were raised by a Mother that had to fight for the right to vote.

The courthouse where we went so my parents could fill out their ballots had a long row of secret little stand-up cubbies hidden by curtains. Oh, how badly I wanted to see what was behind those curtains! But no, it was never to be.

By the time I reached voting age, my state had decided to do away with those public voting places and instead go with a mail-in or drop-off ballot. In some ways, I like the convenience of no-pressure, at-my-leisure fill-out-the-ballot evenings.

But when the time comes to drop my ballot in the box, I want FANFARE! I want TRUMPETS! I want little old ladies with plates full of COOKIES! Or at least an American flag.

Agh. So anti-climactic. Months of build-up and debates, commercials and phone polls have been tolerated around here, and all I get is an unassuming box in the lobby of my library?
Well then, at least I can spend the drive there reminiscing about Election Days past, regaling my children with all the reasons why its a privilege to be able to contribute to the political decisions of our country.

And then I can let them drop the ballots in while I say things like "Hooray! Go USA! Go Election Day! Way to VOTE!". Who cares if we get funny looks. This is AMERICA. If you don't like my excitement, go pick another lobby to loiter in.
And then... we may or may not have gone to TCBY for a little post-ballot-drop celebration.
Just sayin'.

Oh, and did I mention that we have a brand new batch of puppies? Hooray for Doc and Lucie! This litter looks to be healthy and growing strong, and will be ready to go to their forever homes by Christmas Eve. How's that for timing?
We plan to do the first weigh in and gender/color check this evening. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Now try to not spend your entire evening fretting in front of that TV screen. This Presidential Election is bound to be a nail-biter, but keep your hands on your stitching and its been scientifically proven that your blood pressure will drop.


gracie said...

Oh puppies! I am sure you will post many wonderful pictures!

Patti said...

Love the memories and the puppies! I am so grateful that we still go to a polling place on election day (which did have cookies by the way!) I couldn't go to early voting like many of my friends, because I also like the fanfare ;) Today was the first time that my oldest son could vote! By the time he got home from college and to the polling place they had run out of cookies... he was disappointed and remembered that as a kid :) Hope your post election treat was yummy!
Blessings, Patti

Marie said...

there WAS something special about going to the polls to vote. I miss that too. Yes, it's convenient to vote from the comfort of home, but somehow it doesn't seem as significant. Still I know it is important.
I'm glad you included your children in the process.

Vickie said...

Oh Lucie! What a look.♥

LoriU said...

Aoooowwwww! Puppies!! I really wish we could get a puppy from you....but Ohio is pretty far away from you!

LoriU said...

Oh forgot to say, my mom used to take me to the polls with her and they had the curtained booths. She let me go in with her (but don't touch anything!). There was a panel of little levers and she would pull down certain ones and when done she pulled a big lever on the right side and they all clacked and popped back up!

Jessica Hunt said...

I don't know if its from the lack of sleep from watching my friend's tiny baby while she transitions into going back to work or my extreme excitement that MY puppy is right there in that picture, somewhere! However, this post brought me to tears. (just a couple)

I absolutely adore the excitement of voting you brought to your house! I believe that voting is very important and it is awesome that someone out there is teaching that to their kids!

Thanks for sharing!