Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pile of ...

The boy child was at school. The girl child was taking a nap. I was out on my umpteenth trip to the kennel for the day. The sun broke through the clouds, and suddenly I had the unexplainable urge to rake the leaves.

Can't remember the last time I raked leaves.

Usually the wind sweeps them away or we bag them with the lawnmower and dump them in the compost pile.


With part of the yard raked somewhat neatly, and one last check on the pups before heading up to wake girlie from her nap so we could go pick big brother up from school, I emerged from the kennel to find She was already awake and standing with a huge grin, at the base of my pile.

(How's that for a run-on sentence?... not even going to try to fix it.)

"Mama! Da best fing dat I wuv about the Autumn is a big pile of weaves dat I can jump into!"
(Whatever... she's never had a big pile of leaves to jump into... must be PBS kids' programming influencing her brain.)

"Can I jump in, Mama?"

Oh, for Pete's sake, how could a sane person resist such adorableness?
 And there she went, wholeheartedly, with complete abandon and glee, up, up, up into the air, and straight down on her hands and knees.
 Followed by a bit of rolling around.
 "Can I do it one more time, Mama?" She asked.

It was literally right at that moment that I remembered the pile of doggie doo that was buried somewhere down in the bottom of the leaves.
Who's handing out the Mom of the Year award? I'm ready.


Paula said...

Beth, I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago (not the dog poop part). Raked a huge pile of leaves, about as tall as me, then let my daughter(12!) and neighborhood kids play in it. They had a blast. They are only little once. My older daughter, husband and my mother thought I was nuts. :)

Nicole May said...

I love the look on her face at the end :) I think every mom(and dad) has done this at least once, I know I did! You should get the mother of the year award for just letting her have fun despite the dog poo.

Anonymous said...

Beth, this brings back wonderful memories of my childhood and my kid's childhoods. These days, it seems like my husband just mulches the leaves into the grass with the mower. End of mess.

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you, your "hunky" husband and your adorable children a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Keep the pictures coming. I love, love, love what you do.

Kathy Barrick said...

Priceless photos!!! And even you leaves are perfect, for goodness sake!!!!

Jen Hamilton said...

What a look you captured on her face...this is just the best!