Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet my Neighbors

Aren't they Purty?

I'm not one to wish for horses myself.

Well, at least not anymore... when I was a girl, it was all I dreamed about. But now, there's just not enough time in my days for the caring for and riding, and all that being a horse companion entails.
But I do love looking and watching.
They offer such an idyllic and peaceful vision for my busy eyes each day.


Vickie said...

Oh they are gorgeous. I could almost feel myself petting the one in the second last picture. Thanks. =)

gracie said...

What a sweet face...and gentle feeling they give me.

Ashley said...

My first horse was an appaloosa that looked very much like that sugar dusted beauty in your pics. Her name was Snowflake and, true to her name, she was sprinkled with "snow". Thanks for bringing back memories of her for me today!