Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Riding Bikes

When you live way out in the woods, there are usually very few places for a kid to easily learn to ride a bike. Gravel and hills aren't very conducive for a couple of pretty cautious kids to get up the guts to pedal all-out and trust themselves (and their bikes) enough to get those training wheels off. We've been encouraging and training them as well as we can, but decided it was about time they had some smooth surfaces and time to practice. So, on Mother's Day (my choice), we headed up the road to a beautiful park called Wildwood, where we knew there would be ample space to ride.
With a new bike rack, and soon-to-be-purchased yearly pass to the park, we're hoping that by the end of Summer, our two littles will be ready for some family rides. I sure miss feeling that wind in my hair!


P.J. said...

Oh what fun. Used to have family bike rides when our daughter was a kid. Such a good time!

Pam in IL said...

We always took our girls where they had room to ride too. Such fun and great family time.