Friday, July 10, 2015

A New Front Yard

Fifteen years ago, there was a brand new house sitting in the middle of what used to be a cow pasture, looking quite lonely. A Girl and her Farmboy worked very hard to create flower beds and split-rail fences and rock walls and grape arbors and outbuildings in order to lend a more established air to their new home.

And it worked. The place looked hospitable and welcoming.

And it took a LOT of work to maintain.

Then two children were born within two years and the whole place went to seed.

Fast-forward to a few years ago, and you would see that with the growing of the children, the Girl had more time to devote to the land and things were starting to look better again. But the old fence was falling apart and the grass was full of moss and clover and the Farmboy had had enough.

So they decided to set their hands to correcting the problem areas, and in so doing, also eliminate a good percentage of the maintenance work needed to keep the place up.

Part of the fence and several yards worth of flower beds were torn out and the grass was allowed to die. Then there was tilling and a sprinkler system was installed, there was leveling and fertilizing and planting of grass.
And then they waited.

And watered.
And waited some more.
And at last, green returned to their view, and they were very happy.

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Judy said...

Your life seems to mimic my own a bit. Your lovely farm bed is substituted with my front garden bed in front of our new to us Cape Cod. Right now I'll doing dandelion control before tilling and planting grass seed. Eventually, when the grass is well established, I'll plant some knock out roses for color we don't have to maintain.