Sunday, July 19, 2015

Camping Out... Almost

I don't know which one had the idea first, but sometime during the beginning hours of the day, the plan started to take shape. And the excitement grew as the day progressed. They were going to camp out in the yard all by themselves!

Daddy helped pitch the tent and I offered suggestions as to what they might want to take with them.

As the hour grew near, they were practically giddy with excitement.

Sleeping bags were unrolled and pillows fluffed.
Games were packed as well as flashlights and snacks, and they had permission to stay up as late as they wanted. They were in absolute kid heaven.
I must confess that I had very strong doubts that it would last. But they carried onward with such momentum, that I wondered if perhaps I might be wrong.
Tucked in at last, hugs and kisses given, prayers said, I left them to their planned fun time.
They weren't exactly right next to the house, but this is their territory and they seemed quite comfortable with the situation.
I think I had been sitting in my evening stitching chair for maybe ten minutes when the front door opened and two little people walked in, pillows in arms stating that it was "too quiet" and they just "couldn't fall asleep". The Daddy made them march right back out to the tent for another try, which lasted about another 45 minutes. During which, they were apparently both in tears.

Maybe next summer...

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Vickie said...

:D hahaha! Yes, maybe next summer. I remember when our three children did this.