Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Days

When I look back on this Summer I will remember it as a hot one.

Hot and dry and wonderful.

Don't get me wrong, its not the heat that I have loved.

What I have loved is the pace, still full of stitching deadlines and chores, but with time to breathe, to study, to read out loud to the kids, to have playdates with friends and cousins, to spend time with my sisters (both have just returned for the Summer after three years away).

And the kids, my dearest heartbeats, hearing them giggle and play and fight and negotiate and have the freedom to just be kids together. I adore them. I adore their ages. I adore their grubby fingernails and dirt-embedded necks, her growing batch of freckles, his shade-seeking tendencies. The only thing that could possibly make this Summer better than it is would be for the Farmboy to get to shed his work responsibility and stay home with us.

Oh, and air conditioning. That would be nice too.
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AliceKiss said...

Как прекрасно!

Kathy F said...

I do love how you find so much beauty in life & capture the moment. Than you for that!