Monday, July 06, 2015

Small Towns and Communication

In the ongoing saga of fireworks mishaps, this year almost trumps this one. With a return to the local high school football field, we were looking forward to a better set-up and easier access. With grand plans to sit and eat Blizzards while we waited for the fireworks to start, we headed to town.

Only to find out that Dairy Queen had closed early because of the fireworks. A bit disappointed, we brushed it off and decided that it would be a great night anyway.

We pulled in where all the "Event Parking" signs were positioned, and set up our chairs out in the middle of a lot of people and waited. My social girl very quickly made friends with all the kids that were close by, and had them working together to make a big pile of dry grass clippings while her brother entertained himself by stealing handfuls whenever their backs were turned.

They both take after me; sometimes I am a very conflicted soul.

At last, the fireworks started.
That's right. BEHIND a huge stand of trees.

Scattered laughter from the people was mostly drowned out by grumbling and muttering and some brave souls picking up their chairs to try to walk around closer for a better view. We decided to stay put.

This one was so disappointed I heard him mutter to himself that it was "the worst day ever".
He obviously has had a pretty great life, for a lack of ice cream and big trees to ruin his day. But in his defense, I had a pretty hard time keeping my attitude in check too.

At some point, he said, in a rather irritated voice, "I guess we'll probably laugh about this SOME day".
And I'm sure we will. Actually, the whole thing is striking me as rather funny as I type this.

But at the time, it was the girl's new-found friends sharing glow sticks with the kids that was the highlight of the night.
And next year? We will learn from this lesson and have front-and-center seating. I hope.

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