Sunday, July 12, 2015

First Annual Front Yard Concert

The new grass in the front yard wasn't quite established, but it was good enough to hold what is sure to be our First Annual front yard concert.

In cahoots with some friends, we hired a mutual friend who is a singer/songwriter that has some mad guitar-playing skills to come be our entertainment. We invited a small group of friends and family to come join us for a bring-your-own-meat-and-beverage potluck on our front porch.

I got to pull out the large collection of thrifted dinner and dessert plates that I've been accumulating for a few years now for just such an occasion, as well as all the cloth napkins and table cloths that I made for my 40th birthday BUNCO party. The Farmboy thought we should use paper goods, but even though it took me two days to do all the dishes, I will never regret the decision and fully intend to do it again! Sometimes its the little touches that make an event just *that* much more special.

Chris Stewart's performance was spot-on and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The kids ran and played and behaved themselves. There was ping-pong and marionberry cobbler and tiki torches and picnic blankets and laughter.

I wanted to immediately reverse the day and start over again.

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