Tuesday, July 14, 2015


For most of her life, my baby has had one-length hippy-child hair. She has never been a big fan of wearing any kind of decoration in her hair, and pony tails and braids only last an hour or two before they are torn out and her hair is once again liberated.

But lately she has been wanting a change, so I begged my hairstylist and bribed her with blueberries to come visit us and work her magic.

A little backstory... I have curly hair. I was born with waves which turned into curls when I was in my early teens. Up until two years ago when I found Mychal through an extensive online search, I had never had a haircut that didn't result in tears and/or frustration. It is apparently difficult for most hairstylists to compensate for the temperamental nature of my individualistic hairs. So most of my adult life I have had long frumpy hair styles that didn't really feel like "me". She not only rescued my head from years of boredom, but has become my friend.

So it really didn't take that much convincing to get her out here with her adorable son and equally adorable baby bump.

And the results made my sweetie so very happy.
"Now our hair matches, Mama!"


Vickie said...

So sweet! Our daughter had the same thing going on with her hair for 16 years! Never did anything with style, just long and straight. Then shoulder length. Eventually bangs. Now she is growing those bangs out and growing it long again. ;)

She Seeketh Wool said...

wow! I love the bangs. Your daughter is such a sweetie!