Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*NEW* Haste Ye Back... Wool Applique Pattern

I was pretty excited yesterday when it started to snow... on the day I needed to take a photo of a snowy scene, no less! I know that most of you are longing for Spring and possibly want nothing to do with snow right about now, but bear with me...
I have had an image of a vintage hooked rug in my inspiration folder for a very long time. Quite simple and folky, it shows a tiny log cabin flanked by three enormous Fir trees. So cozy and homey and reminiscent of the imaginary picture in my head of Heidi’s Grandfather’s home in the high Alps.

Don’t we all have an ideal image in our minds of a peaceful and rustic place to escape the busy reality of our everyday lives?

Now I have a reminder hanging on my wall to Haste Ye Back… even if that just means setting my tasks aside for a few moments and breathing deeply, imagining myself in a peaceful and cozy place.

Included in this pattern booklet are full-size, ready to cut out template pieces, and basic instructions.

For now, this pattern will only be available through my etsy shop, or by contacting me directly.

I had the pleasure of working with my friend, the owner of Wool Town, who custom-dyed the wools for my model according to my often-rambling descriptions, and got the colors spot-on. For a limited time, she will make custom kits available for sale in her shop. Hurry and place your order before they are gone!

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Marie said...

a perfect setting for the picture!!