Monday, August 09, 2010


Thank you to all who participated in my little Summer Sale, and waited patiently while I focused on my baby sister's wedding... I will begin processing orders today, sending out invoices and mailing patterns as the adjusted payments come in.

I am moving pretty slow. I must have used up a month's worth of adrenalin over the course of the weekend, playing host, bridesmaid, sister of the Bride, and Mama of the Flower Girl and Ringbearer, and I am tired!

Almost all of the clean-up has been done, and our home is pretty much looking back to normal. I will post wedding pictures tomorrow or the next day. But for now, I will leave you with a glimpse of "The Day After"...

It was a little like cleaning up after a science experiment.

Finding abandoned shoes, hangers, a hotel room card.

Being amazed at how many people left their empty cups and napkins just laying there in the grass.

People ate our blueberries, tried to catch our goldfish.

Tore their flowers apart... oh, so sad!

200 chairs, neatly stacked without me lifting a finger says a lot about the quality of people in the bridal party.

A light rain the next morning left everything damp, but still festive.

The Groom's car abandoned in our field, but with no keys, and locked... at least he had a good excuse.

I can't say so much for the abandoned water bottles.

And empty liquor containers found in the parking area.

A few family members joined us in the afternoon,

and helped with the final clean-up.

Pulled up stakes, removed ribbon and signs.

A much more relaxed way to spend time with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt,

and Cousin (even though Mama had yet to get her act together and remove the pajamas!)


Christina said...

Looks like an amazing event! Well done for hosting such an affair. Shame people didn't clean up after themselves a bit more, but I guess once you've had a wee drink, all common sense goes out of the window...especially at a wedding!

Jan said...

I can almost feel your fatigue...get some good rest. You did an awesome job, wearing all of those 'hats'!

Lorraine B. said...

You did an amazing job pulling that whole wedding together! It definitely shows the love you have for your sister and her new husband. There are always those few who forget their manners and leave home without their brains when theirs something to celebrate. You deserve to take it easy, out your feet up and recover now that everything is back to normal...enjoy the good memories you helped create for your family!

Lorraine B said...

Ooops....I meant "put" your feet up!!! (Can you tell it's late? LOL)