Friday, August 13, 2010

New Pattern Release... Remember Me

I returned to one of my favorite categories of needlework to create this design… 17th century band samplers. Strong on graphic appeal, and with an emphasis on floral motifs, they are often quite symmetrical and well balanced. They also don’t repeat the alphabet over and over, which is refreshing to anyone who does much in the way of sampler stitching.

The quote, circa 1700’s is a reflection of a time when death was a frequent, familiar, and expected occurrence. Young sampler workers were directed by their teachers to stitch phrases that led them to reflect on the shortness of their lives in comparison with the length of eternity. I imagine that this was done in order to either comfort them, knowing that they had already or would soon experience the death of a loved one, or to frighten them into good behavior!

It reads:
When this you see remember me
& keep me in your mind
& be not like the wethercock
That turn at every wind+

When I am dead & laid in grave
& all my bones are rotten
By this may I remembered be+
When I should be forgotten

Stitch Count: 123 x 279

Model stitched on Weeks Dye Works 35ct. Cappuccino linen.

Using Weeks Dye Works flosses:
1108 Honeysuckle, 1193 Guacamole, 1230 Havana, 1236 Mocha,
1267 Kris’ Bon Bon, 1336 Raspberry, 2202 Bullfrog

Conversion to DMC included.

The frame is a thrift store find.

I am ever grateful to Julie Steinbarger for stitching the sampler model. Previously unknown to me as a person, she nevertheless volunteered her time and stitching skills, which she carried out to perfection. This design would still be sitting, untouched in a digital file if it weren’t for her. So let us all together give a big, thankful shout out to my new stitching friend… three cheers for Julie!

This pattern is now available in my etsy shop and will be on its way to distributors soon. If you don't have an etsy account, you can always contact me directly to make a purchase:


Renee said...

AWESOME!!! Very pretty design!!! And I completely agree about 3 cheers for Julie! She's an absolute sweetheart!!!

Rita said...

Gorgeous!! I have to agree about Julie. :-)

Sherre said...

And I second the cheers for Julie! Great job! Lovely design!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

WOW!!!! LOVE it!


Katrina said...

It's so pretty, I absolutely love it!!!

VickieV said...

Love the pattern and the colors are beautiful!