Monday, August 16, 2010

The Quest for Year-Round Deliciousness

We have 16 blueberry bushes in our yard.

Growing, but still young, and not producing enough for our greedy year-round munching.

So every Summer, I find a sitter and trudge down the road to a neighbor's berry field and sweat through several hours of picking, followed by the rinsing, packaging and freezing.

Then, every winter I have to ration them out in order to make them last until the next season.

But not this year... This year I had helpers.

Because of this guy and his amazing long arms and quick-picking fingers (those berries are practically quivering with fear under his fierce hunter's eye), we brought home 16 pounds after just 1 hour of work.

These two munchkins helped too... at one time, I think Little Miss had two whole berries in her bucket before they were eaten up. Big Brother actually dumped a few handfuls in with mine, but mostly ate his way down the row.

We now have 12 quarts frozen and awaiting winter, and we are heading back tomorrow evening for more.

Need a good reason to join us in our quest for the perfect food? Read this informative article about the health benefits of the amazing Blueberry.

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

My two-year old LOVES blueberries...she can't get enough of them! We are fortunate to have a bunch of blackberry bushes in our yard. I constantly find her over there eating away.