Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stalking the Chickens

Because of the merciless Chicken Genocide of 2009, we have been without fresh, home-layed eggs for a very long time.

And with all of the hullabaloo lately about store bought eggs making people sick, I am craving some fresh from the farm goodness even more.

The new batch of layers is on the verge of being old enough to start giving us eggs, so lately, I have been haunting their Chic Chalet, looking for any sign at all that they might be wanting to start their job in earnest.

But no... no eggs yet. Instead, do you see what I see?

Yep. I'm pretty sure that 2 of our pullets will never, ever lay an egg, and by the watchful attitudes and glint in their beady eyes, methinks I will have to separate them from the flock pretty soon, or someone is going to get hurt.


barbara r-g said...

i wish i had chickens! sometimes my neighbor gives me some of her eggs from her gang. if i buy them at the store i always buy local or organic. i think we all need to look more where our food comes from. love your chicken stories

Alice said...

Unbelievable. Those chicks are already ready for laying! The Chic Chalet sure did the trick keeping them out of harms way. Let's just hope no bear develops a taste for them. There is nothing like having your own eggs from your own chickens. ; )