Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Being Friends

We all have them... the silly ones, the serious ones, the shoulder-to-cry-on ones, the ones that have been around as long as you can remember, and the ones that you are happy to newly add to your collection.

I have a friend who (after listening to me tell of how I have had to lower my housecleaning standards since bearing children, and by example, hearing my confession that I used to keep my Tupperware drawer organized) did this for me...

You can't possibly know just how much that little gesture meant to me, my friend. Thank you for liking me enough to sort out the too-far-gone and lid-less containers, and for loving me enough to clean the crumbs out of my corners.


Catherine said...

Friends old and new are great - by the way, if your friend needs a new friend, send her my way...I've lowered my housecleaning standards as well :)

Alice said...

I do love the photo. : )