Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Breathe

Do you like my new blog format? It has bothered me for a very long time that the "large" setting for my photos on blogger is really so very small. So I finally did a little reading and figured out how to make them appear bigger.

This has been a good project for me to pick away at these last few days, post-wedding, as I work my way through piles of laundry, orders, mail, and getting ready to release a new sampler (tomorrow!).

The kids both came down with nasty head colds early this week, so the nights have had interruptions from the youngest, and the days have been full of nose-wiping and lots of hugs.

Trying to find the balance between giving them the love and attention they need while also accomplishing the household and business tasks that are overdue.

"Just Breathe", I mumble to myself a million times a day, defusing the stress of the moment, helping me to BE in the moment where I am needed most.

It does help immensely, that all of my weeding is done until Autumn.

The coming heat wave predicted to start tomorrow will be tolerable, knowing that the landscape can go brown now that the wedding is past (air conditioning would help more, but beggers can't be choosers).

I'll have it made if I can figure out how to fold laundry here...


mainely stitching said...

I love your big, eye-popping photos, Beth!!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the big pictures. It is great to see your garden and little girl in such detail. How sweet she is in her Willies. ;)
I love the picture of your herb garden, for lack of what is really planted. I am talking about the photo of the bricked area with the bird bath. I always wanted one in my backyard but the work it takes to get it in just never got done, now circumstanes have changed. Thanks for sharing yours,Beth.

Anonymous said...

Please don't miss understand me. I mean by "lack of what's really planted' is that I don't know my plants well enough to tell if they are herbs. I am doing the assuming thing, that's all.

Tina S said...

I adore the photo of your son holding the dandelion!!! What mother doesn't remember the first flower picked and given to her by her child? Isn't it always a dandelion? I keep telling my husband to lay off the weed killer because dandelions are my favorite flower but he just won't listen. Something about the neighbors not wanting "weeds" in their yard or similar nonsense. Love those dandelions!

Melissa said...

Wow, love the new format. The photos are great, especially the wedding shots - very festive and happy!

Would you mind sharing where you found the tips to make the changes to your blog? Thank you in advance.