Monday, August 23, 2010

If Etsy Was My Closet

This is what I would be wearing today:

dark brown shrug-bolero by larimeloom
(everything else she's wearing too, for that matter)
YOUR Initial Earrings by FrenchSentiments
The Sweet Chocolate Bar - Brown Crochet Shoes by soleilduautomne

I own a version of the earrings already, and love, Love, LOVE them! Mine are slightly different from the listing, per my request, and Kathy made them even more perfect than I had visualized (thank you with all my heart!).

I wear them all the time.

And every time I do, I forget that my clothes came from Goodwill... and off of the clearance rack... and handed down from my sister's closet, and instead feel like I'm the Queen of Style.

Hurry up and go get yourself a pair too, before she runs out of those amazing, old, letter pieces!


Tanya said...

Those earrings are awesome!!!


Agostina said...

Thanks for adding my crochet shoes!
Great Blog!