Friday, November 11, 2011

Blogging About Beavers

Not exactly the typical post topic found on the web these days, I know! And for readers of a blog about stitching, cooking, gardening and puppies, it is perhaps a bit on the boring side. But I am not going to make any apologies, because I am completely and utterly fascinated by our Beaver family and the amazing work that they continue to do in our creek bottom.
They have been working their way downstream, making it easier and easier for us to walk in and view their dams. The Mister has counted at least 6 separate dam locations, some smaller, some really big.
They are clever creatures, I tell you.
This is the most astonishing sight we found.
I wouldn't be able to touch fingers around this tree.
It is well over 7 feet in diameter, and stands tall enough that it can be seen from our house. Sadly, that other, taller, Cottonwood tree in the photo has some bites taken out of it too... and it is one of my favorites to watch throughout the year.
Most often, the trees the Beavers take down are rather small.
I imagine these trees will be taken eventually, either by the Beavers or by drowning.
It feels like a dream, sometimes, owning this land.
Tending our trails and roads. Finding evidence of people who walked here long before us. Old pump in the creek, a rusty wheelbarrow, fire rings in the soil, logging spikes in old-growth stumps, a stray arrowhead.
Realizing that our time here is a miniscule sliver. We are caretakers in a string of caretakers.
Watching Beavers build dams where perhaps other Beavers built dams that have long since washed away.
Its a dream I want to live in for a very, very long time.


Joy said...

I always have a happy heart after reading your blog and seeing your lovely photos. It is nice to know that there are those of you (and family) that are taking care of the land.

Barb said...

How interesting! I think this is a wonderful experience for your children!

Catherine said...

Amazing photos! You'll have to let us know when they get the job done on that tree!! I wonder how long they have been working on that one!

Mouse said...

wonderful photos and cooo that tree is amazing with the bites out of it ... how long would it have taken to do that ??? its great that you have some much around you .. love walking in the woods :0 love mouse xxxx

Heather said...

I feel the same about the property that I live on too.

Debbie said...

Beth, please tell Matt to put the camera on the tree so we can watch! This is so incredible! Someone call NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!!!!