Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fourteen Butterflies

It has been a few weeks now, and I guess I hadn't blogged about it because I was waiting to see how things went... Katie has been moved to her "own" room. Its not that she didn't like her cozy little spot in the corner of the master bedroom, on the contrary, she was quite happy to browse through my book collection (I caught her with Pigs Might Fly more than once), and loved knowing that I was at her beck and call all night long.

But after a bit of a transition time, we are all sleeping much better, Katie in her crib, and the Parents in their kid-free zone! She is down to one waking per night, and that suits us all just fine.

In preparation of the big move, I took the circa 1970's yellow butterfly mobile that hung over my childhood bed and updated it with various fabrics. Jack was actually quite upset when he saw it, saying in a quite disappointed voice, "Mama!? Did you paint them???" Katie and I think it was a definite improvement.

To further adapt the guestroom/Beth's craft studio, I needed to hang curtains. Being first and foremost interested in not spending much money on this endeavor, and also being limited by time and resources, I opted for a trip to our local thrift store to see what I could find in the bedding section that could be repurposed as curtains. To my dismay, the best I could find was a decidedly PINK duvet from IKEA. It was that or the horribly retro orange and avacado flowered sheet set. So with a sigh, I took the PINK linens home, threw them in a large bowl of walnut dye, and came out with something at least a little less Pink, and actually quite nicely muted and variegated.

And did I stop at that? Oh Heavens, NO! I couldn't stop myself from throwing the white polyester lace sheers that had "temporarily" been hanging in those windows for a few years into the leftover dye.

After hanging the finished pink panels in the windows and draping the lace over the front, the end result was still a bit too pink for my taste, but when the daylight comes peeking through, the overall effect is quite charming...

So, while I am not that happy to have to share my space with Katie, who still takes 2 or 3 naps each day, I am completely THRILLED to be sleeping almost normally once again.

One last little glimpse...


heather said...

Looks great!

Marie said...

Good post. Great pictures! It's nice to have a glimpse to life at the Twists. I'm enjoyiing the more frequent visits now, too!

Christi said...

The butterflies are great! and I like the curtains.

The Boyd's said...

Only you would think about dying pink curtains. Who just has "walnut" dye hanging around??

I love, love reading about your creative projects!