Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, I certainly didn't expect a HUGE response, but I also didn't expect that most of those that answered my call for questions wouldn't ask questions at all, but rather spend their whole comment saying nice things to me!
Thank you for those nice things you said. It feels really great to have people tell you to stay just the way you are, and that you make them happy just by posting pictures and words. Have no fear, my intent has never been to change the way I write and post on this blog, I just wanted to add a little more in the way of two-way conversation.

I did get several great questions that I plan to answer over the next few days, as they work into the natural flow of my blog. I also plan to respond to a few of the comments, just because.

The most startling/urgent questions answered here and now...

NO, I am not pregnant (the booties being sent to me are for baby Clara).

and sadly...
NO, there are no puppies coming (apparently Jazzi had both a false cycle AND a false pregnancy, because she had us fooled right up until the last two weeks). Next projected litter may not be until the Spring now, since we have decided to never again have kennel babies in the cold of winter.
My kitchen windowsill really does look like that right now. The perfect pairing of a flower from my boy, handed to me last night just before he darted through the sprinkler, and a beer bottle snagged from the to-be-recycled section of my counter. A reminder to hold onto memories of times with friends, and the family togetherness of Summer.


Margaret said...

I'm a bit late on this. And I'm asking a question on the wrong blog post. lol! But I'd love to know one thing, and it's something I always wonder about designers. Do you have an art background? How did you get into designing cross stitch? That sort of thing. :D

Anonymous said...

Today's pictures? Simple, beautiful, priceless and timeless. Summer at it's most perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I'm also late with my question. The romantic I am, I would love to know where you met your husband and what attracted you to him (besides the obvious :-) Angela

marly said...

OK. I didn't want to be the first so I passed on that post! I would like to know what your first needlework projects were, and how your style has changed since then, if at all.