Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'll be making pickles today. Bread and Butters. Yum. Love those pickles.
I don't buy relish anymore. I either use Yellish (I see I haven't shared the recipe yet. I'll have to remedy that situation soon), or if I want more of a sweet taste, I pull out my handy little Pampered Chef chopper and chop up a scoop of Bread and Butters, and presto! Fresh relish,  made to order, minus the nasty commercial additives, and minus hours spent making my own.
I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with the gorgeous sunset pictures, but I thought you might like to know that I'll be slaving in the kitchen today. As I also plan to make up a bunch of Zucchini Bread, and some Breakfast Egg Cups for freezing. Since the girls are in top production mode and we have fresh eggs filling an entire section of my refrigerator.
I've never tried freezing the Breakfast Egg Cups before, but many online sources claim it can be done, so by golly, I'm going to give it a try. I'll be the tester of this theory, and then pass the recipe along to you once I've decided whether or not its a good idea.
As for the sunset, we typically go all Summer long without much spectacular-ness in the evening sky.
But once the sun starts to move Southward, and the evening clouds gather... oh my... we get some amazing sky shows on our horizon. October is the very best, as far as mind-blowing skies go, so it was a treat to be greeted with a row of neon floating jellyfish out my kitchen window.
Thank you Jesus, for making Art for me last night.


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Ohhhhhh amazing!

Penny said...

So beautiful!!! TFS!
Mmmmmm.... love me some bread and butters, too....
Have a good weekend...