Thursday, August 09, 2012

What do YOU want to Know?

It occurs to me, as I find my readership growing... dare I use the word readership? Sounds so... official.

As I was saying, it occurs to me that many of you are newcomers to my corner of the blogosphere. You haven't been reading for as long as some, and most likely haven't gone way back into the archives to read as my posts have developed. Or maybe you've been reading from the beginning, and are just curious.

I'm not a wordy blogger by any means... I tend to be a bit on the understated side, and I wonder if you have any questions for me?
Sometimes one or two of you will post a question in the comments, and I try to answer if I can, but haven't figured out a good way to do so in the main part of my blog. I like to be feely about what I post. If it inspires me, stirs my little heart in any way, then most likely there will be pictures, and if there are pictures, then most likely, if it isn't too personal, or if it doesn't involve other people (whose privacy I tend to respect), then it gets posted here with words to accompany.

Otherwise, I have not much rhyme or reason. So many blogs are themed around style or decor or DIY or (shudder) politics, and they have HUGE followings. Lots of advertising too, have you noticed? (snicker) I'm pretty sure I will always be just little me, extending my pieces of inspiration to whomever cares to read.
But just in case... if you have any questions... or any certain topics you care to read about... please comment on this post. Depending on how many respond, I'll either have a question-answering post or series of posts, and maybe, if you really like this idea, I might make it a regular part of my blog.

I have grown to feel that my readers are an extension of my life. It feels warm and cozy, knowing you are out there, interested enough that a couple hundred of you check in every day (crazy!). You are important to me. You give me a reason to keep coming back here faithfully. I like you.

So... what do you want to know?
While you're thinking about it, take this wallpaper and put it on your monitor and enjoy my wildflower meadow, which has now gone completely to seed and been mowed under. Sniff.


Mary said...

I like the no format format....I enjoy your photos and I also like not a lot of words. Some blogs are so many paragraphs I feel like "there will be a test". So stay the way you are....a little cross stitch, country photos, kids and a few puppies..

Anonymous said...

First of all, Beth, this wildflower meadow picture takes my breath away. So beautiful and peaceful!
I've always studied your pictures and am struggling to find time to learn how to use my new camera. I got dumped on, maintaining a Facebook page and building a website for a group I belong to...and I know nothing about either subject. It's taking all of my time and I'm spending all of that time (frustrated) on the computer.
Questions: Are puppies on the way? When do your darling children start school in your area? And even though I'm old enough to be your Mama, a picture or two of you with your hunky husband (remember, you asked) is something I'd love to see.
I'm always in awe of your artist's eye in your photos. You might not have taken professional courses but you are a true artist! Keep the gorgeous pictures coming.


Anonymous said...

I too appreciate the no ad, hmey atmosphere of nyour blog. I am a fairly new reader and appreciate the pictures and honesty that radiate through your bloog. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

Gabi said...

What would I want to know? To be honest, not the slightest clue. I just enjoy reading your blog. Some people have a thing with words, and you do belong to that group in my opinion. It's just enjoyable.

Donna G. said...

Hey Beth,

I like your blog just the way it is. The pictures are adorable (kids), peaceful (flowers, nature), and inspiring (house decor and cross-stitch).

I like to read and have an extensive book collection (just went to a library sale today and came home with 16 more!). So......the only question I have for you you like to read? If so, what are some of your favorite books? Guess that is really 2 questions,

Jessica Hunt said...

Yes, are puppies on the way? Us crazy puppy followers are always stoked when anything about the dogs come up in conversation.
I'd also really like to know what you're canning this summer or if you're canning at all! I just did up some pesto, strawberry jam, blackberry jam, and am now working on green beans tomorrow. I believe Matt had mentioned you canning but of course I could always be wrong!
I love your blog the way it is but was completely smitten with this blog post. I love the idea of a Q&A! I trudged back quite aways but am always interested to know more about you, your family, and the puppies!

Btw, booties should be in your mailbox soon! Finally recharted the pattern.

vanastasi said...

I love your blog! Love the photos and the news of your sweet life. I don't think you can realize how we non-Americans need to know the other side of America that is not aggressive or fundamentalist. You show the real values of America and it is wonderful to follow.

HomeSpunPrims said...

What a gorgeous picture of the wildflowers and love that old chair sitting amongst them. I have always enjoyed your blog. I agree you have a gift with wording and your photos are beautiful. You have an artists eyes. I wouldn't change a thing either. Hugs, Lori

Beth Pool said...

Hi Beth,

I agree with everyone else that your blog is fun to read just the way it is. I like to hear about everything homemade from hamburger buns to refinishing furniture. I guess a question would be, do you have any other kinds of homemade projects, tips, or advice to give? What do you do to make the most of and enjoy each changing season? Have your tomatoes started ripening yet? :)

Summer is going by way too fast, but I hope we can find a time for the class reunion!

Take care,

Kathy Barrick said...

Your blog is a joy to read. I feel like I've gotten to know you over the years by reading your posts and sharing in your life in this small way. Your joys, loves and values shine through in each and every post. Your writing and your photography reflect your creativity, as do the designs you create in your needlework.

Since I enjoy "getting to know you" bit by bit by reading your posts each day, I'm not going to ask questions. I'll just continue to go to my bookmarks and click on "Heartstring Samplery" and read about you and your lovely family, your adventures, gardens, dogs, meals, home, and more. It adds to my life and makes me a happy person!


Dee L said...

Love your photos and your stitching! I want to know how you developed that beautiful wildflower meadow. I've tried to get one started at our little mountain place in North Carolina, but so far I seem to have just gotten weeds. Must be the black thumb, but I'm going to keep trying.