Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot August Nights

Its been cooking around here lately. These are the days of Summer that I dislike the very most. Hot, hot days and nights too warm to cool the house down before the next day's onslaught. Not that I want to be a complainer, mind you. I'm fully aware that for many of you this Summer has been deadly hot and too dry. Its just that up here in the mountains of Oregon, there's generally no need for air conditioning, so we live without. But those few weeks each year, when its all we can do to keep the house under 83 degrees... yuck.
About the only thing that makes up for it is that moment when the balance of outdoor and indoor temps is close enough that I can pull the blankets and quilts down (my old-fashioned window insulators!), open the house up, and set the windows full of box fans. The fresh air flowing through soothes.
And then there's those fleeting sunset moments, when the edges glow golden-red and romantic, and even the dry warmth of the air isn't enough to make you want to stop wishing the world would freeze, right there, for another hour.


Marie said...

love your pictures! and I sure understand not liking the heat. I'm glad we have AC here. this is the only time of the year we use it, but its sure nice to have!

Anonymous said...

I can SO sympathize. I believe we've suffered through 25 days of temps over 100 degrees and it's just plain miserable. In Kansas, a/c is a must but still, it's makes one grumpy when just walking down the driveway, you get covered in sweat. The past few days have been open, breezes coming through that are sweet and fresh. We'll be in the 90's again next week but since I'm camping this weekend with the horses for yet another two day practice, I hope we don't have to worry about heat exhaustion.

I'm so ready for fall. Crisp air, changing leaves, pumpkins and an end to the never-ending stifling heat.

Barb said...

I live across Puget Sound from Seattle and feel exactly like you do. We are just baking and very few things are air conditioned! Your photos are just beautiful!

Heather said...

I know that exact time of day. It's one of my favorites. We're baking down in the valley too.