Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blooming Artichoke

We grew an artichoke! A feat of patience, taking three years for the plant to establish itself in our chilly climate. Its companion plants, all but one, failed to last the first year.
The other survivor is still a scrawny thing, but at least its still alive. Perhaps next year we'll have enough for a romantic interlude with melted butter.
For now, we do as we're told, and let this one live out its natural life without harvesting. To help the plant grow stronger, you see.
I have no regrets about letting it put up its purple spikey crown, and neither does that honey bee feasting on its nectar. My only regret is not being able to follow that bee back to his honey comb!


MJ Hunt said...


Anonymous said...

An artichoke is something I've never eaten and would have no idea what to do with. But goodness, this is a beautiful plant. I've never seen one in bloom before.


Rebecca said...

Artichokes are great in dips, Anonymous.
This is amazing, never seen an artichoke bloom. It lookes like a thistle. Beautiful indeed.

gracie said...

One of my favorite things to eat! It looks lovely in bloom.

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